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MSPowermail Believes that Getting in Front of a Steady Flow of Interested Prospects Can Change Your Life!



Helping Agents, Agencies and IMOs succeed for over 18 years. More than just mail.

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Individuals who have expressed an interest in what you are selling
Potential clients! The first step in the Sales process.
Introduce yourself before you even get to the door
The bridge that connects technology solutions with your real-world challenges.
The bridge that connects technology solutions with your real-world challenges.
The leads neighborhood interactive mapping program
Strongly worded messages with clear calls to action – so your prospect will understand the need, the benefits
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Strongly worded messages with clear calls to action – so your prospect will understand the need, the benefits

Our Specialty Lead Niches

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Turning 65 Leads

Special Needs Plans

Medicare Advantage Leads

Mortgage Protection Leads

UI/UX Design

Build the product you need on time with an experienced team that uses a clear and effective design.

Dedicated Team

Over the past decade, our customers succeeded by leveraging Intellectsoft’s process of building, motivating.

There is Nothing Worse Than Waking Up Monday Morning With NO Appointments

It doesn’t matter how good your insurance products are or how high your commission payout is IF you don’t have a steady stream of prospects to meet with you’re not closing sales. Getting Insurance Leads is the lifeblood of your business and ultimately determine the size of your commission checks and whether or not you get to enjoy the lifestyle you deserve?

There is nothing worse than facing Monday morning with bills to pay and having no leads in your pipeline, am I right? No doubt you can close sales or you wouldn’t be in this business, but you probably don’t have the time to create your own lead system. By the way, we will show you how to get more warm referrals from existing clients. 



Because we have been producing quality health insurance leads for agents for 20+ years. In fact, we are the experts of choice for national IMOs who want their agents to have access to quality leads.

During our two decades generating quality leads We have learned how to pivot on a Dime because what worked last year may not work this year? Yet, many companies just keep using the same old out-of-date methods that just don’t produce quality
health insurance leads or give you the tools to manage them. How many things can you think of that have changed in your life in just the last 18 months alone?

You work hard and you deserve the very best lead generating service and you just found it!

Your Next Step?

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MSPowermail's Specialty Insurance Lead Generation

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Many national IMOs use MSPowermail to supply leads for their agents, why? With 20 years experience, we produce results. We constantly refine our methods using both direct mail and Internet strategies. Yet many companies don’t offer a comprehensive solution for generating, managing, and receiving leads. That Costs You Money…

The only way we are going to forge an ongoing relationship with you is to produce leads that you can turn into big fat commission checks! We want your business. Because MSPowermail believes that getting in front of a steady flow of interested prospects can change your life! We invest our time and effort in developing the online tools and systems to pave the way to closing more sales!

Here is a sampling of some of our agent success tools!

time saving ideas

STOP wasting your valuable time. Our system includes "Mobile Mapping". Your leads are automatically uploaded into your success system and those leads appear on a map on your cell phone or computer pad. Plan your appointments to save you time and gas.

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Sync your calendars so you're not double booking or losing track of your available time slots. Your system allows you to view both your personal and business calendar with one-click. Easily upload your current prospects or clients into your system. Email all of your leads and clients from within your system. You can even keep detailed notes for each person.

final expense letter

Set yourself apart with the power of a greeting card. Seniors appreciate the thoughtfulness when someone sends them a card. You don't have to tell them that it only takes a couple of clicks and your "Thank You" or, "Happy Anniversary" or, 'Sorry I missed you" card is in the mail!

Does it Seem Like Some Agents Have a Super Power And They End up Closing More Sales Than You?

Here’s Their Secret…

They aren’t any smarter or more talented than you instead they have simply discovered online tools that help them to do more in less time!

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When Agents Speak - We Listen!

Introducing Our Agent Success System


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Our endeavor over the last several years has been simple. To make you, and your organization, successful. Through the use of our proprietary technology, systems, and online presence; we facilitate your success by providing a combination of online and mail services tied to a system that maximizes every dollar you spend.

Our CRM provides additional opportunities for continuous contact management from nearly any lead source at your fingertips, which enables multiple avenues to work your leads.

Just Some of Our Agent Comments!

-North Carolina Agent
I have received leads that actually work for me on the Life side of the business. I received 16 leads and submitted 17 apps. Now, in my book, that’s good numbers.
-National Sales Director
We prefer not to use anyone else for our direct mail leads. We use [MSPowermail] for Life, Med Supp, LIS, and Recruiting - really any lead you want they have or can create for you/or agents.
-Indiana Agent
I had this company do work for me for years. Always impressed with their integrity. They always underpromise and overperform. Very satisfied customer.
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