direct mail lead generation


MSPowermail’s lead generation program has established a strong reputation in the insurance industry for delivering outstanding customer service and results that convert into sales.


How we Generate Leads:

  • Direct Mail
  • Telemarketing Lists
  • Social Media Posts
  • Email Campaigns

How we get Responses:

  • QR barcodes
  • Returned Mail
  • Phone Calls
  • Landing Pages

How we deliver responses to you:

  • Email
  • CRM Real-time Updates
  • Text Alerts

Multiple mailer formats to choose your perfect message.


Our leads are strongly worded messages with clear calls to action – so your prospect will understand the need, the benefits, and how to respond. You can choose from proven-successful mailers to give yourself a steady flow of qualified prospects. Direct mail leads are ranked still as the very best leads.

Value-Added Benefits for You

On-line 24/7 Lead Management CRM

Our Sales Success System-Receive a daily email containing your lead responses, AND leads are instantly available in the CRM

Options to receive leads faster

Our Interactive Mobile Mapping system offers an endless supply of prospects at no additional cost

Ask about our Referral Discounts

We will help you Identify your Best Markets

Demographics: Age, Income, Gender,

Address Type, Home-ownership, etc.


Marital Status

Language Preference

Annuity Owners

We will Run Data Counts for You OR Run Your Own

You can request by phone, e-mail, fax, or Run Data count online

Our count system provides agents IMMEDIATE data counts.

Easy Ordering

You can order by phone, e-mail, fax

60-days lead lock-out for your mailing list to prevent anyone else from having the same lead

Log into your account 24/7 and run data counts

direct mail lead generation

Online Leads

Online leads are faster than traditional direct mail we recommend a mix. 

Landing pages

Work in conjunction with mail or your website to deliver different responders real-time

Build your website

  • Nice packages starting at $200 for design and build plus reasonable hosting fees after the first year
  • Larger packages of $400 or $1200 for design and build plus reasonable hosting fees after the first year
  • Complex websites contact us for a quote

Reach the people who are looking for you

  • We can help drive them there as well

20 Years Generating High Quality Leads through Direct Mail Lead Generation

stake your internet claim

Your IMO Keeps Telling You…

  1. YOU must have an agent website
  2. YOU must send emails to your prospects   
  3. YOU must keep posting to your social media

How do you do this on top of everything else?

You’re time needs to be spent selling not being a

Computer Geek!

For two decades MSPowermail has been a valuable resource assisting independent insurance agents, like yourself, to make the money they deserve

No doubt it bugging the heck out of you by not having a professional presence on the Internet. After all, it’s the way your prospects decide if you are credible or not?

But even so, that doesn’t fix your problem, right? Back to issue number one. You need to keep your focus on making sales and earning commissions and besides, you don’t have the knowledge or expertise to stitch all this tech stuff together and make it work smoothly, anyway.

Hey, you’re not alone we speak with agents every day that feel exactly like you do.

Put Yourself in Your Prospects Shoes...

A salesperson called and wants to set up an appointment would you meet with him/her if you could not find their website anywhere on the internet?


If you haven’t gotten around to establishing your professional Internet credibility how will your prospects determine that YOU are the real deal? And if you are competing with another agent who does have website whom will the prospect assume has MORE CREDIBILTY?

STOP Losing Sleep - MSPowermail Has Your Back!

MSPowermail your trusted lead provider has done the heavy lifting for you. We have invested a great deal of time, effort and money by designing a turn- key, “done-for-you” / “managed-for-you” Internet marketing package!


Your Goal is to Move a Continuous Flow of Prospects From Credibility to Completed SALE!

Online Credibility


Close The Sale!

SEO-Local Keywords
Blog Articles / Social Media
Appointment Calendar

Automated followup emails

Stake Your Internet Claim

Now YOU can avoid the mind-numbing process of:

  • Trying to create a custom website
  • Tackling your Google My Business listing
  • Setting up your primary social media page
  • Writing content and posting to your pages
stake your internet claim man

It all starts with a WEBSITE that will establish your

professional credibility with potential prospects!



Remember that movie with the famous line “build it and they will come?” That would be nice but it takes more than just a website to be found on the Internet

MSPowermail has that covered for YOU!


Professional writers will create your social posting content which you review before a post is uploaded. Let’s say your primary social channel is, Facebook. After uploading to FB we will also cross-post to Instagram, Google My Business, and LinkedIn…now you’re tripling the mileage as that same post can now engage with more people!

rnd socialmediaUpdt
ggl Upd

Google is Used For 97.5%

of all   Browser  Searches

Includes a Google My Business Listing 

  1. Our experts create and optimize your Google My Business
  2. A prospect does an INternet search wants to make sure you are
  3. UP POPs your Google My Business listing on the 1st page!!!

How’s That For HUGE SHOT of Credibilty? 


To view a video of your custom Internet package

Stake Your Internet Claim


Your professional Agent Website

Google My Business 1st Page Site

Prospect Initiated Appointment Calendar

Primary Social Media Page

...and more!



To view the entire package