Warm Transfer Leads for T65 and AEP

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We focus our efforts on leads for T65 and AEP for Medicare. We believe these lead types provide the most consistent high-interest prospects. We do not incentivize our telemarketers based on the number of transfers, only on the quality of their work.


We have been providing Leads for over 20 year. We know how to get quality leads to you. We will deliver consistent, qualified, compliant leads to your agents. We work diligently to make sure we are not getting you just leads, but leads that fit your business goals.


We require all vendors we work with to sign attestation statements that they are complying with all Medicare guidelines and TCPA compliance including maintaining recordings of all contact we have made with prospects.


We use a 120 second buffer for billing.


We also provide Direct Call Leads for AEP. These are high-intent prospects based on paid placement Social Media advertising.


Before you can place an order with us, we require a 30-minute consultation to understand your goals and make recommendations to you about which of our products make the most sense for your organization.


We will be very direct with you if we do not believe we have the service that will fit your organization. We want you to be happy and a long-term partner.


Leads for T65 and AEP

 1. Medicare AEP: This will include Name, address, and confirmation that the prospect has Medicare Parts A and B. Last review date. Confirm current plan. Confirm permission to be transferred to a licensed insurance agent.



 2. Turning 65: This will include Name, address, and confirmation that prospect is not enrolled in Medicare. Date of 65th birthday. Confirm permission to be transferred to a licensed insurance agent.

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About Us

MSPowermail differentiates itself in this market space for even more reasons than those mentioned above. We are more than just a lead provider. One of our principals runs an agency and is not just versed in what you are looking for but is also one of the most outstanding coaches we have ever encountered.

This is critical as you set up your lead stream to have experience and be able to spot issues on both sides of our arrangement and help.

We are highly accessible. This means that from the moment you agree to work with us to the first leads coming through, you know we will be working diligently to ensure the handoff and script on both sides are helping you achieve your goals. Additional help and coaching are available as well on a fee basis.

We have a variety of ways to connect with you via API or cloud-based CRM.




We will schedule time with you 1 to 2 times per week, or more, to ensure we deliver what we promised. 



What happens next depends on your requirements and needs.


Ready to start receiving Warm Transfer Leads for T65 & AEP?


We welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs for lead generation and the potential to partner with you to send customer-initiated inbound call leads for T65 and AEP your way.




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