Seniors are embracing the online world

Seniors are embracing the online world

According to a recent study by Pew Research Center, 73% of adults aged 65 and older now go online, a significant increase from just 14% in 2000.

For many seniors, the pandemic forced them to learn to use technology and the Internet, which they may have otherwise avoided. While this shift in acceptance was precipitated by necessity, it has also opened up new opportunities for seniors to stay connected with family and friends through social media and video conferencing. Today most families are spread out across the country, and online access provides seniors a sense of community and connection.

Another reason for seniors’ increasing comfort with technology is the proliferation of easy-to-use devices like smartphones and tablets. These devices have user-friendly interfaces that make navigating and finding information online simple.

Once considered a generation hesitant to embrace technology, seniors have quickly adapted to the digital age and have become comfortable using the Internet to research, buy products and services, and communicate with family and friends.

If you have a senior family member or friend , AARP’s flagship program, Senior Planet (www.seniorplanet.org), educates seniors with articles, how-to videos, and online classes.

As the digital age continues to be the new normal, it’s essential to remember that in addition to traditional direct mail prospecting, online prospecting for senior leads should play an ever-increasing role in your marketing efforts.

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